Monday, March 18, 2013

Fwd: Army of Darkness April 21st

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Hand of Fate will be producing their second Annual "Army of Darkness" Scenario event at Pentagon paintball on April 21st.  There is a Facebook event created for this, please check that out! Feel free to share the attached flier with any of your paintball friends! Normal "Free Play Sunday" pricing for this event.


This is a mission based game with a few breaks and role playing characters to interact with during the game. If you have never tried a scenario or even if you have, this will be something you will want to participate in! Cameras and video are welcome!  


For pricing, preregistrations or other questions about the field, feel free to call Pentagon Paintball 814-474-5580 (Wed-Sunday). If you have questions about the scenario feel free to contact me Sloppy Joe!


Hope to see you there!



Sloppy Joe Foltz


Hand of Fate Scenario Paintball Team

Facebook: Team Hand of Fate


Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Sponsorship stuff!

Here is what I was thinking about sending out to the guys…


Ok guys…

As a team we have been doing things almost exclusively out of our own pockets for a long time.. .funding our own trips, gear, and such… and loving this great sport of ours. As a team we are now looking to branch out to our local businesses, families and friends who may benefit from the exposure that our team can to provide them.  


As you all know we travel to a lot of different games throughout the year and in doing so we show off our gear, our banners, and our team swag. We will continue to do this as we move into the 2013 season. However, we are looking into the team Jerseys, possibly new banners, and other ways to showcase HoF and our sponsors. In doing this we have come up with another way to bring some finances to the "Team Fund". I have attached a Sponsorship request letter for you to pass along to businesses you think may be interested in supporting the team and their company via a cash sponsorship.


We have already been successful with one business who was willing to support us via this new cash sponsorship and we are hoping to have more before the end of February. At the end of March we would like to place our team order for Jerseys… so we can have them in time for the Army of Darkness game in April.


Jerseys will be available to be purchased by all team members who have paid the annual team dues ($40). The first batch of Jerseys purchased will benefit from the cash sponsors donations and after that they will be regular priced… so it would benefit you to get your dues in ASAP and order your team jersey in the first order as well. The cost of the first batch of Jerseys will depend on the amount of cash sponsors donating and the amount of shirts ordered. After the first batch, we believe that the jerseys will cost around $65-$100 depending on the style and shipping.


Also, special consideration will be given to anyone who is able to procure cash sponsors, when the funds for the Jerseys are distributed. That doesn't mean that you will get your jersey for free but you could get it cheaper than the rest as a thank you for  your efforts. Also, feel free to give any potential sponsors Rick or my numbers if they have any questions or if you want us to help seal the deal. Our contact info is on the bottom of the price sheet.


Thanks for your help with all of this! We (HoF) greatly appreciate it!



Sloppy Joe Foltz



Friday, January 4, 2013

Team Dues...

Hey Guys; An update on the Team Dues.

We now have a PayPal account that is set up specifically for the team. The email is "". If you decide to pay via PayPal, make sure you "gift" the payment so that the team gets all the money. You will also be able to make payments in person either via cash or credit card. There will be a small up charge if by card due to the fees that PayPal charges via that method.

A list of those paid can be found here: Paid Team Dues

A quick reminder. Dues are $40 per year, non refundable. They are due by March (many of us are poor till Uncle Sam gives us our money back). They are mandatory only if you want to be considered a "sponsored" team member. Sponsored Team Members are eligible for the team discount at Pentagon Paintball. Sponsored Members will also benefit from the outside sponsorships we have through other companies (cash deductions from gas prices, paint, etc).

The team dues will be used for team related expenses only, and usage will be voted on by the sponsored team members. For example, we could fund another run of team shirts, or help with gas costs to living legends, etc.

So pay up! Lets make it a good year!

Your beloved team dictator: Meaty. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fwd: pic

Living Legends 5!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hand of Fate's Next Event

Our original event for October was to attend EMR's Toys for Tots event. After seeing the lack of attendance/funds that most of us seem to be having lately… I spoke with our captain "Meatcircus" Rick Girt on this and we believe that it would probably be in the best interest of the team and its attendance to make a change to the October event. We feel that we should attend Pentagon for its Free Play Sunday and scenario run by Elmer. Unfortunately I am not sure which weekend the scenario is in October so… if anyone knows the events date please respond to all on this email.


I would like to thank all the guys that showed up for the Black hawk Down Scenario this last weekend. It seemed to really be a hit again this year. I was excited to see the attendance doubled from last year's attendance. I am also ecstatic that all of the feedback from the people I spoke with has been positive. I was having second thoughts about having all of our team playing, instead of having some of you reff but, I must say that the honesty and sportsmanship of all players was exceptional. I really appreciate all of your help with that. People will tend to follow examples and you all did a great job of setting a good example on the field!


I would also like to welcome Keith and John to the fold. It was great to see the you guys there. We need to get another shirt order entered very soon since the Pro shop is out of team shirts. We will be sure to let you know when they are back in stock. I will be sending an email to both of you to get some more info for our teams stats. In the mean time you can be thinking of a "call name" if you have one already great, if not we have been trying to keep with a "meat" theme on our team. Here are a few of the ones who are currently on the team or have been on the team in the past. MeatCircus, Sloppy Joe, Drumstick, Beefy, Butcher, Haggis ,Killer, Kryo, Longshanks, Pumpy, Death Dealer, Hanshaw, Red Leg, Zodiac, DO2K03, Elmer, Foot Long, Gimly, miSteak, PredxSniper, Whopper. Feel free to contact me or Rick with any questions or if you want feel the need to talk paintball (or other stuff I guess LOL).




"Sloppy" Joe Foltz


Hand of Fate Scenario Paintball Team

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tacamo mag Conversion kit for the Tippmann Phenom

Here are some pictures of the Phenom out of the package and then ready to shoot… I didn't use the cyclone while testing (since I have been using a cyclone for the last 3 years I figured I knew how it worked).


I put about 6-10 mag/reloads through the marker and didn't have any chops. I did have a few no feeds especially in the first couple reloads. After the first 3-4 times compressing the spring and such in the mag, it seemed to work better. I can see some possible issues with the paint we may use from time to time, too big or too small to fit or possibly fall out if the mag is upside down.


I had the mag attached and took off the side breach cover to load the First Strike rounds manually (since the First Strike mags/kits are not out yet). Once I figured out that I had to tip the marker down to allow the heavy front of the FS round fall into the barrel, loading went a lot smoother. Probably about 2-3 times longer per reload than using a stock class pump (around 2-4 seconds) but the accuracy should make up for the extra time. I didn't try using the mag without the breach cover on but I think it would not work too well (the paint would probably roll out the side opening). Also keep in mind that I did not have the detent in the marker to keep the balls from rolling down the barrel, so it allowed the FS rounds to actually enter the barrel, whereas I am pretty sure that the detent would have kept the FS round from entering the barrel and making Loading them much more difficult. I still need to get an extra Detent to try this out for sure… but this is my initial findings. I shout about 25-30 FS rounds.


I did have some minor fit issues on the kit mainly the push pins alignment and being very tight but it was all able to be overcome with a little pressure (and the handle of my screw driver). I would say that the only major flaw in their overall design is the fact that any front shrouds currently made will not fit with the mag kit on. The mag and mag well actually extend much further forward than the original mag causing you to need to chop off the bottom rail of your shrouds to allow them to fit. The stock front shroud for the Phenom and the regular X7s only require a quick cut off of the lower rail but I am not sure how it would affect the AK or other "stylish" shrouds.


I believe that the first potential fail point for the kit will be that way the mag well attaches to the marker. There is not a lot of material on the mag well around the pin holes (and it is the plastic material at that) where the front and rear pins attach the mag well. If you are running and fall with the mag hitting the ground hard I would be concerned that it may break the mag well right off the marker. BUT time will tell.


Overall I think it is a great first attempt at bringing the limited ammo/mag feed marker upgrades (to existing markers). I look forward to see how the First Strike mags work in this… when they are released! I am planning to attend the next game at Battlefront on Aug 20. I am not going to be playing but I will be there for moral support, Blackhawk promotion, raffle prize delivery, and possibly helping reff. I will bring the marker with me if anyone is going to be there to want to look at it. I will also bring it to our Blackhawk game on Sep 10th.


Peace. Out!


Sloppy Joe Foltz

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Valken Paintball Proud to Sponsor Hand of Fate

Valken Paintball Proud to Sponsor Hand of Fate

March 1, 2011

Hand of Fate has accepted a partnership with Valken Products. Since its inception, the team has placed emphasis on a functional, durable and visually appealing uniform its members would be proud to wear on the field.

Team co-founder and co-captain Rick Meatcircus Girt said, "After testing and reviewing product from several other companies, it was apparent that Valken was the most obvious choice to fill the needs of the team. What made Valken most appealing was the array of soft goods offered in our preferred MARPAT camouflage style. With team members who vary so much in size and shape as they do personality and function within the team, it was important that we were able to find items that fit each of our playing styles and still maintain a uniform look".

This year HOF will be heading to new venues, playing new games and continuing to expanding their influence throughout the region. You can find the team this year playing at Three Rivers Paintball, Battlefront, EMR, the WestPoint Spring Classic. But the team can be found most often at Pentagon Paintball in Fairview, PA.

Valken Paintball is proud to sponsor a group of hard chargers like Hand of Fate. Rick Girt and his team are sure to put their V-Tac gear through it's paces in all manner of weather; rain, snow, mud, cold. And it was that "anytime, anywhere" mentality that we had in mind when we designed our products.

Hand of Fate was established as a team in early 2007, and has been growing ever since. The team's passion is playing and growing the sport of paintball, and enjoying the camaraderie of friends and "foes" along the way. For more information on the team, visit

Hand of Fate represents the Tri-State Brigade of the Valken Corps. For more information on Valken Paintball's sponsorship program, email or call 866 978 2553.