Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fort Blanding Florida in February 2011

Hello all,
It's been a while since we had an official update, but things are still moving/shaking. Coming up next are an impromptu gathering at the Titusville EPZ game in 2 days. In a week and two days we have the Red Dawn Scenario at Battlefront. And of course, October 2nd we'll be hosting our own Black Hawk Down scenario at Pentagon.
It has come to my attention through the interwebs that Blues Crews is bringing paintball back to Fort Blanding in Florida. Banding MOUT Training Site is a is a "FULL-SIZE" Town, complete with a multitude of 1-4 story buildings constructed of concrete block with doorways, windows, and stairways.  The Town features 16 different building complexes bordered by a large drainage ditch and woods. If you still don't comprehend the awesomeness of this game, then follow the following link and check out the details. If you're a fan of paintball then this is an experience you should do at least once in your lifetime.
What I'd like to do is guage some interest in who amongst the team would be interested in doing this next February. Obviously, the more people we get to go, the less the expenses will be. I have started a thread on our forum so that we can discuss who'd be interested, and the logistics of such a trip.
So go and throw in your two cents. I'll see you guys on the field soon.

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