Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HoF Update, from your fearless leader.

It's been a while since I've sent something out. Being that I'm starting to beat some nasty illness, and am in the process of catching up with things, I figured I'd send out an email to you all to keep you abreast (teehee!) of recent information re guarding the HoF.
1. Kelley's Heroes
This game at Battlefront is coming up fast. So far it looks like we have 12 guys from the HoF attending this one. We are playing the German side this year, and hoping to break the 3 year winning streak the Americans have. This will be tough since the Arc Troopers are playing American, and they have home field advantage. I think we're up for the challenge though. If you are playing and haven't pre-registered yet, take a min. to do so now at the following link.
2. Pentagon Sponsorship
Pentagon Paintball has been our home Field for almost 3 years now. At the last team meating we discussed in detail a specific discount program that Sean has graciously decided to extend to our team. Ten of our players have been picked by the HoF team Captains to be the recipient of a PP discount card. The list will be evaluated twice a year to make sure that the team members that put forth the most effort are being rewarded. Once the list is OK'd by Sean, notification will be sent out to those involved.
3. New Members
We have a few new members that will be playing with us at the upcoming BF game. I would like to extend a welcome to Brett "Red Leg" Skinner and John "Beefy" Prosek. It looks like these guys will be a good fit for the team, and we're looking forward to their involvement in future Hand of Fate shenanigans. In addition, we have a few "ole school" members coming back into the fold. Killer, Pacaso, and PaintballGeorge: welcome back.
4. CPF Donation Drive
We have been using the ClevelandPaintball.com forums as our team forum since the teams inception. This has been a valuable tool for us to keep in touch, and discuss team matters as it is hard for us to all get together at once. This website costs the owners money to upkeep every year. So in an effort to help with costs, they are raffling off two tickets for the Hell Survivors Day of the Rangers game for every $5 donation you send their way. For more information, check the link:
In addition, with a $10 donation, you get a pass to play at Synergy Paintball, good till the end of 2010. This is a great opportunity to help out the community and get your game on.
Lastly, please take some time to check out our forums and team calendar. These are the best ways we have to keep in touch in between face pwning sessions. We are constantly updating, and talking shop. Don't get left out.

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