Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kelly's Heroes Aftermath

We would like to thank all who attended with Hand of Fate this year for the Kelley's Heroes event at Battlefront. With your help and support we were able to bring the first victory for the German team. It was a long and tough battle. The second half of the game was not looking too good for us, but we were able to pull out a victory. If you have heard, there was some second guessing and tempers at times. That is something that tends to happen from time to time. In the end we all have our own opinion and that is fine. I believe we all had a good time. Again we want to thank each of you for showing sportsmanship and contributing to the "team"-work. Without the help that each of you provided history may have repeated itself and we would have saw defeat. I hope each of you enjoy the spoils that came from a hard day of paintball… YOU EARNED IT! ! !
The next big game coming up would be Sherwood Forest's Quest for the Holy Grail. This is a 26 hour event with night time play. We will be leaving Friday afternoon (April 30th), and returning Sunday evening. Plans are already formulating on our forum, so if you haven't already, please go sign up on the forums and join the discussion.
Also, if you haven't heard, our website is now live. There will be changes and additions made in the upcomming weeks, but all the basic information is there.  www.hofpaintball.com
Lastly, we are looking to schedule a team practice in April. This will happen at Pentagon, on a Saturday or Sunday depending on when the most team members will be available. Non team members are welcome to attend. If you have a preference for when this should happen, email us and we'll consider it for scheduling.
Sloppy Joe

P.S. A special thanks to Dan for the warm lunch… love the meat!

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