Monday, April 12, 2010

19 Days till Sherwood Forest!

Gents... and Jordan.
MAY 1st & 2nd
If you were to happen to head over to our website today ( you would probably notice right away that there are only 19 days left till the Quest for the Holy Grail game at Sherwood Forest. It seemed so far away when we picked this event last October, and now it's breathing hot and heavy down our dewy necks, perspiring with anticipation. If you have yet to pre-register for this game, please do so, for it will ensure that we will all end up on the same side. Plus, it's cheaper that way. CASH ONLY on the day of the event, so please keep that in mind.
We are planning rides now for the game. We will have one group leaving from the Greenville area Friday afternoon. Contact me or Joe if you want to ride out with the first group. We have another group leaving Friday Night from the Erie area. Contact Mike Groh if you are in the Erie area and need a ride.
Yours Truly will yet again be leading the Germans to victory this year at Synergy's D-Day event on Memorial Day. This isn't a mandatory team event, but we've gone for the last two years (since it's inception) and have always had a blast. This game is picking up in popularity and will probably have a great turnout. This event is a BYOP game, and the entrance fee with air is under $30 (I think) so you can't beat the price.
In addition, I am still looking for two more people to fill the spot for my command staff. The command staff will have a specific role in the game. I have a couple in mind, but if you are interested, shoot me an email.
We are still looking for TEAM MEMBERS who are interested in contributing to having a full color team banner printed. If you are willing/able, please contact me.
That is all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Team Banner

We have been shopping around for a professional looking team banner. After reading on forums, and questioning other teams that have banners, we believe we have found an affordable outlet to acquire a banner for the team. It looks like we can get 4'x10' full color vinyl banner printed for around $80 to $100 depending on the supplier and quality of the print. We are open to suggestions on how to raise money to pay for such a beast. Naturally though, if the team could pitch in we could have this printed and ready to fly for our next major game at Sherwood Forest this May.
Check out the attached picture. Imagine that but really, really big.
If you are able/willing to contribute, send me an email, or do so using PayPal and this email address.