Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Name for Paintball George!

To all...
One of our guys has had a change of heart and is calling on the team to help him pick a new callsign. If you know Paintball George, then you know he's a stand up guy, and an absolute pleasure to play ball with. You'd also know that he means bidness when it comes to completing objectives and making sure his team can depend on him. George wants a name that will strike terror into the heart of the opfor.
If you get a chance, please go to our forum and vote on a name, or suggest a new one. We'd like to stick with the HoF tradition and make it meat related if possible.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sherwood Forest Aftermath

To all...
Sherwood Forest:
It is Wednesday and we are all still recovering from our victory at Sherwood Forest. I personally am still finding it hard to walk! But that's what happens when you get old, eh?
Hand of Fate sided with the Silly English Knnniggits, led by Boomer of the Illinois Dog Soldiers. We fought along side Blues Crew, Delta Ops, In Contempt, Akicita, and Steel Reserve among others. We were pitted against the PBNation ModSquad, Hellions, Damage Inc, Fubar, and the home team ESP. These are just a hand full of the teams that were represented at this event. The turnout for the event was 300+ players. The final score was 1100ish to 1300ish, obviously it was a very close game. In addition to being on the winning side, Hand of Fate was recognized by our commander with the Sportsmanship Award for our efforts. This being our first award as a team, we are hoping to bring home many more.
It'd be hard to make mention of all the great moments at the game, and fruitless considering most of you will have stopped reading by now (=P), but it's worth mentioning that this was quite possibly the best event we've ever attended. Between the quality of referees and the caliber of players on the field, there wasn't a moment of ill will noticed bay any of the guys on the team. The weather held out perfectly, it only rained when we were off the field. All in all, it was a perfect event, and we can't wait to go back to the field again.
Synergy D-Day:
Being held on Memorial day, this one is closing in on us fast. If you haven't been to a Synergy game yet, you're missing out. It is quickly becoming the flagship event for the Cleveland paintball scene. This is quite possibly the best event for new players to come to. Along with the camaraderie and the close knit family of 'ballers, it'd be really hard not to have a good time. The cost of this game is rather paltry considering other events in the area; $65 buys you entry, air, and a case of paint at the field. If you are bringing your own paint (which is virtually unheard of at a commercial field), then the cost is $45. For those of you that are coming via Pentagon Paintball, Sean is registering through the store at $35 per head. So if you're planning on bringing your own paint to this event, this is a great way to save $10. In addition to this, he'll be selling cases at $35 the morning of, for this event only. 
See me if you have any other questions.
Team Banner:
We've had a few team mates pitch in already, and Buddha's Body Art is contributing as well. We still only have about 1/2 the cost required to order the banner. If you are a team member and are interested in contributing, please see me on Sunday up at Pentagon, or you can do so via Paypal. We'd like to have the banner done for the D-Day game, so there's only a few weeks left.
See you on the field...