Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HoF Update

Greetings all, it's been a while.
First and foremost:
I've been getting calls asking "Whens the next game, Meaty?" A quick glance at the teams website will tell you that the next game is at our home field Pentagon Paintball, where we'll be hosting the EPZ federation to come out and play.
Pentagon Paintball
10am - 2pm
$35 for entry, air, and half case
$60 for entry, air and full case
This is an important game for the team as we will be doing a trial run of a Black Hawk Down type scenario, which the team will produce. As you can see, the prices for this are sweet, and Sean is waiving the $15 ins fee for this event. So if you haven't been up to check out the field yet, this would be the perfect chance. The EPZ crew is a stand up group of guys to play with. They are honorable, and have a mature sportsmanship values. We've all played the games where the high number of less honorable players ruin the fun for all, but you won't see that happen at this game.
We have some date changes on our calendar. We are planning on playing the following as a team:
Saturday August 21st - Three Rivers Paintball
Saturday Sept 18th - Battlefront Paintball
Saturday Oct 2nd - Pentagon Paintball (produced by HoF)
These are games where team attendance will get counted. The Oct. game will be one where the team will produce (Referee) the game. As always, there are also many EPZ games listed on the calendar. If any of you are interested in attending one of these, let me (or Sloppy) know so that we can coordinate a decent showing.
If you haven't noticed, we've added two more sponsors to our team. We'd like to thank Gateway Farm Freezer Meats for thier support, along with Babyface BBQ. As you know Dan "Gimly" Girt is a founding team member, who has gone on to start up a business after his passion: Smoked meat cooked to perfection (and sometimes shot out of a Havoc launcher). Dan does most of the cooking at our events, and is opening up his own BBQ stand this Saturday in Meadville.
In Addition:
"Sloppy" Joe Foltz will be participating in a Relay for life this Saturday, and is looking for any team members that are willing to participate by walking and wearing the team shirt. If anyone is interested, please contact Joe directly. The Relay for Life, and some other charitable causes is something that we are going to be looking into participating as a team. If you have any ideas or preferences, offer 'em up!
Check the teams Website, Forum, Twitter, and Facebook pages for updates. You can check Myspace too, but Myspace is mostly pedo's and skanks these days =)