Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just when you thought you were running out of things to buy...

The all new Empire Apex2 barrel is one of the hottest paintball
barrels to hit the paintball market in years. When you install the
Empire Apex2 barrel you will have unmatched accuracy with the unique
backspin applied to the paintball.

Also, the Empire Apex 2 barrel is fully adjustable so you can easily
control the amount of spin and direction of curve. With a quick twist,
you can have your Empire Apex 2 barrel shooting left around a bunker
or all the way down the field to eliminate a distant opponent.

The Empire Apex 2 barrel will be compatible with BT, Tippmann and
Autococker threaded paintball guns. The Empire Apex2 barrel is also
available in either 14 or 18 inches.

Empire Apex 2 barrels will be available shortly and start at only $44.95.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Update

Hello all,
Its been a while since I've sent out an update, but we're still moving and shaking.
Next Game
You may have recently received an invite from Google Calendars for an even that we published on the HoF calendar. This is for the Toys for Tots benefit at Battlefront on December 4th. If you haven't played all year, at least come out to this one. It'll be nice and cold, and the paint won't fly quite right, but we'll be having fun, and there will be lots of donations for needy kids. This will be the last team game of the year, so make it big.
Website Updates
Pictures have been put up on the website for the Blackhawk Down scenario we did back in October, courtesy of Brett Skinner and his gang. Go and check them out if you haven't already. And as always, go and visit the forums and help us keep things hopping over there.
The HoFinator
HoF's secret weapon has been coming along nicely. We had a build day last Saturday, and while it doesn't look like much, we're making progress. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for pics and progress reports. We're still looking for funds from team members willing to donate for materials. While Drumstick's labor is damn near free, steel doesn't come cheap and we'll need help buying it.
We've sent out a few updates to the team regarding fundraising. We've got lots of things on our plate as a team including a Relay for Life benefit, funds for the tank, and funds for away games we'd like to make next year. Daffin's candy bar sales have done well. Expect to see another round of that after Christmas. If you can help us sell, please shoot Joe or myself a message. We're also working on having a raffle. Prizes will include equipment from some of our favorite suppliers.
Team Organization
Next year will mark our 4th year as an established team. The past two years has seen some real growth. This past year we've picked up some invaluable members. It's time we start to solidify our oozing foetid mass into a coagulated odoriferous conglomeration. We're working on establishing our presence in our paintball scene as well as the local community as a bona fide benefactor. To do this we need a more organized and solid group. Our most involved members will be receiving ranks and benefits for their responsibility while the inactive players will be trimmed from our ranks. As always, we'll welcome new and seasoned players to work with us, but an identity will be established for those that put forth the most effort. Starting 2011, open enrollment for the team will be closed and reasonable requirements will be placed on further admission into the team. What we hope this will do is solidify our members and objectify our goals.
Thats all for now. See you on the field!
p.s. If you'd no longer like to recieve updates from me about the team, reply and say so. Thanks!