Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Game Attendance

My dear esteemed team mates...

Throughout the 2010 HoF Season, a HoF member has shown up to an event a total of 82 times. These are including only the data recorded for Mandatory Events.

There were 11 such opportunities to count toward attendance in 2010, including two chances in June: the HoFBQ and D-Day. Why anyone would have wanted to miss the HoFBQ is beyond me though.

We played in 8 games this year with 4 wins and 1 loss. The other three events were either pick up games, or we participated both sides.

The purpose of all these numbers and statistics that our number monkey (Sloppy Joe) has compiled is to show you what we have done as a team, and keep track of individual participation. These stats help determined who will get awarded the Pentagon Discount, and will also determine who will benefit from the other perks we have lined up down the road.
Also, it provides a bench mark. Lets do better next year. Lets be more involved. Everything we commit to helps further this sport that we love. Not only that, but we get to hang out with some really cool people (me).

For those of you interested, this is the break down per player who attended "Team Attendance" games/meetings.

Call Name

2010 Attendance



Sloppy Joe
















Red Leg


Death Dealer










Foot Long











Take care and have an awesome Christmas.
Meaty and Sloppy

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Team Update...

Last weekend was the last official team game of 2010. This will have been my 4th year attending Battlefront's Toys for Tots game. There weren't many of us in attendance (Haggis, Killer, Kry0, and myself), it was to be expected as November and December tend to be real busy for most of us family folk. The important thing is we donated some toys, and got to sling some paint in the sub zero weather on snow encrusted ground. Then we promptly left and warmed up with wings and beer at Quaker Steak and Lube. Life is good, is it not? Looking back on 2010, I have to say that this has been one of the best years for the team so far, with so many more possibilities brewing for '11. While we've lost a few members, we gained a few more that have been instrumental in making this a successfull year.
Team Meating and Schedule
January 15th '11
We will be having a team meating to assign official ranks, go over the new discount cards, and decide on our 2011 games. If you are on the team, it is important that you make this meating. If you are on another team, or otherwise have some suggestions as to games we should attend, please feel free to email them to me. Our biggest obstacle in this area is regular games being recheduled for different months, or a field not being able to post events till the middle of the year.  
Spring Game at Pentagon
May 21st '11
The date has been set for our spring game at Pentagon. Put it on yo calendar. Our goal is to have two major scenarios at Pentagon each year. The theme and scenario hasn't been established yet, but a few of the guys have expressed interest in either a Halo or Command and Conquer type game. One thing is for certain though, paint will fly, and people will die (well, go to the deadbox anyway).
Relay for Life
July 16th '11
Sloppy Joe has been pounding the pavement, so to speak, and we have some excellent contributors for the planned Rely for Life Raffle that will be happening sometime next Spring. Details are still vague on exactly what will be up for grabs and how much we will sell tickets for. I can say that it will be well worth your contribution. Keep an eye on your inboxes, our blog, twitter, forums, Facebook, or anywhere else we're present. We'll make it known, and we're planning on being set up to sell tickets both in person and via the internet.
Black Hawk Down; Part Deux
September 10th '11
The inaugural game last October, Black Hawk Down, went rather smoothly and was enjoyed by all, even if it was thinly attended. We plan on fixing that by having these games regularly, and being generally awesome. Expect to have the efw kinks worked out of this one. There's even talk of having a downed helicopter structure built by the next game. If you know Sean and his creative bunker building, you know it'll look cool.
The HoFfenslayer
Progress is still being made on our vehicle. Some internal emails have been floating around of the progress Drumstick has been making so far, and things look good. By summer of next year HoF will be counted among the teams able to operate in a rolling death dealing capacity. If you've ever been in a conversation with myself about "paintball tanks" you know I'm not a big fan of the golfcart and cardboard variety. So far Drumstick's creation is looking fantastic. If you're a team member and haven't yet donated to the tank fund, please consider doing so. Materials aren't free. Awesomeness doesn't come cheap.
That's it for now. Enjoy your holiday season.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just when you thought you were running out of things to buy...

The all new Empire Apex2 barrel is one of the hottest paintball
barrels to hit the paintball market in years. When you install the
Empire Apex2 barrel you will have unmatched accuracy with the unique
backspin applied to the paintball.

Also, the Empire Apex 2 barrel is fully adjustable so you can easily
control the amount of spin and direction of curve. With a quick twist,
you can have your Empire Apex 2 barrel shooting left around a bunker
or all the way down the field to eliminate a distant opponent.

The Empire Apex 2 barrel will be compatible with BT, Tippmann and
Autococker threaded paintball guns. The Empire Apex2 barrel is also
available in either 14 or 18 inches.

Empire Apex 2 barrels will be available shortly and start at only $44.95.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Update

Hello all,
Its been a while since I've sent out an update, but we're still moving and shaking.
Next Game
You may have recently received an invite from Google Calendars for an even that we published on the HoF calendar. This is for the Toys for Tots benefit at Battlefront on December 4th. If you haven't played all year, at least come out to this one. It'll be nice and cold, and the paint won't fly quite right, but we'll be having fun, and there will be lots of donations for needy kids. This will be the last team game of the year, so make it big.
Website Updates
Pictures have been put up on the website for the Blackhawk Down scenario we did back in October, courtesy of Brett Skinner and his gang. Go and check them out if you haven't already. And as always, go and visit the forums and help us keep things hopping over there.
The HoFinator
HoF's secret weapon has been coming along nicely. We had a build day last Saturday, and while it doesn't look like much, we're making progress. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for pics and progress reports. We're still looking for funds from team members willing to donate for materials. While Drumstick's labor is damn near free, steel doesn't come cheap and we'll need help buying it.
We've sent out a few updates to the team regarding fundraising. We've got lots of things on our plate as a team including a Relay for Life benefit, funds for the tank, and funds for away games we'd like to make next year. Daffin's candy bar sales have done well. Expect to see another round of that after Christmas. If you can help us sell, please shoot Joe or myself a message. We're also working on having a raffle. Prizes will include equipment from some of our favorite suppliers.
Team Organization
Next year will mark our 4th year as an established team. The past two years has seen some real growth. This past year we've picked up some invaluable members. It's time we start to solidify our oozing foetid mass into a coagulated odoriferous conglomeration. We're working on establishing our presence in our paintball scene as well as the local community as a bona fide benefactor. To do this we need a more organized and solid group. Our most involved members will be receiving ranks and benefits for their responsibility while the inactive players will be trimmed from our ranks. As always, we'll welcome new and seasoned players to work with us, but an identity will be established for those that put forth the most effort. Starting 2011, open enrollment for the team will be closed and reasonable requirements will be placed on further admission into the team. What we hope this will do is solidify our members and objectify our goals.
Thats all for now. See you on the field!
p.s. If you'd no longer like to recieve updates from me about the team, reply and say so. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Dawn at Battlefront OH

RED DAWN Recap from the US General (Sloppy Joe from Hand of Fate)…
Red Dawn based on the movie Red Dawn played at Battlefront in Hubbard Ohio on 9-18-2010. The story starts out with the a small town in the US being invaded by the Soviet and Cuban armies. A small group of teens from the town escape and start guerrilla warfare attacks to help the US defeat the Soviet and Cuban forces and take back their land. Both the US and teens (known as the Wolverines) form one team fighting against the Soviet and Cubans forces which formed the second team. All four forces (each having separate leaders) had to work together with their counter part to gain the most points throughout the game to be considered victors. Communication, using your abilities to their fullest, and helping your allies were the keys to success.
I (Sloppy Joe) was the US General. "I have no clue what was actually going on. Thanks." That is how I felt a lot of the time during the game. I spent a lot of time the two weeks prior to the game preparing for this scenario. Sending emails to The Great Equalizer (from 1st Strike, the master mind behind the scenario) to confirm what was and was not allowed… This was my first time as a General at any game, so finding loopholes was a priority for me before the game. I had some good ideas and made some strategic plans to catch spies and some other cool stuff…
Come game day everything went out the window. I left the bands for marking my players (to identify spies) in my car. The HUGE map that one of my teammates made for this game was an older version of the filed map and not the same one that was being used for this scenario… AND I left all the regular 8.5x11 maps at the car. Things just didn't seem to be going my way.
After the first half hour I finally got a map and was able to getting organized. I had 4+ radios running most of the day. If anyone thinks that being a general is a boring job I must say that it is most definitely NOT BORING! Our tank finally came into play late in the first part of the game, and I was grateful to see it. Our troops were taking some heavy fire from the enemy tank and it was a good thing to finally be able to return the favor. They did a great job (Thanks Lightening Force)!
Working with an ally… luckily we had an ally in the beginning of the game who was actually accomplishing their missions. The Wolverines (headed up by Achilles and Shav from the Immortals) were the ones that helped to carry the US team through the first half of the game. One of the missions, that the US was able to accomplish, was to hold an objective outside of the city… as a reward, I had the option to make 5 of the Wolverines head shot only players or take 50 points. Believe it or not, it was a difficult choice for me… I chose the 50 points. After the totals were tallied for all teams the US/Wolverines  (with some major help from the Wolverines and choosing the 50 points) were only down by 10 points at lunch.
Directly after lunch I was asked to provide 5 "Brave" volunteers for a mission. I had no idea what the mission would be but, I found 5 guys who were willing (somewhat reluctant, but willing). The volunteers ended up being part of a reenactment of a scene from the movie. The US players were not allowed to shoot but were to stand in a line where they were to sing the National Anthem as loudly as they could… they were about to be executed by a Soviet Firing Squad. The Firing Squad was not allowed to look until the Americans were done singing but, they did have a lookout that was supposed to be watching for any attacking players (Wolverines).  Just about the time the Americans were finished singing the Wolverines made their way to them and ambushed the soviets… Paint went flying and only one of the Americans was shot during this reenactment (thanks again to the Wolverines). The reward was head shot only for the 5 volunteers (which they used and enjoyed to the fullest).   
After lunch seemed to be a turning point for the US team. Possibly due to the great ham provided by Gateway Farm and Freezer Meats, a HoF sponsor… or due to better communications with the Wolverines and the rest of the US players (thanks partially to Grizzly and his guys). The team really started to pull through and complete the missions. There was still a LOT of opposition but the guys held out and received support/reinforcements from their teammates. I know there was plenty of friendly fire going on from time to time but because of better radio communication we had a lot less than there would have been.
We had several rocket launchers up and running during the game which provided much support to the Wolverines and to the rest of the troops. Just before 4 o'clock I headed out from HQ (for the first time other than lunch time) to chase after the Soviet tank with my rocket launcher but, I was too slow to catch up with it. I continued on and as I was approaching the city I was shot out. I had left one of my HoF teammates in charge while I was out just in case I didn't make it back for the new Intel at 4 o'clock. Since I was shot out, I was able to make it back to the re spawn and, when the rocket went off letting me back into the game, I arrived at the HQ just in time to receive the new Intel.
4 o'clock Intel…Four flags in and around the city needed to be captured and defended… and I was to assist! There was also a bomb that the Wolverines were working on that needed to be delivered to the landing craft… We were able to secure all 4 flag at the city and I believe, once captured, we held them the entire time. The Wolverines were also able to be escorted to the landing craft with their package and it was a success. We had a tank on tank battle at the beach which landed our tank dead… but a US rocket launcher was able to take out the Soviet tank before it could do any more damage. Shortly after that the horn blew to end the game. I am not sure the "final score" but at the end of the game the US/Wolverines were deemed victorious!
Thanks to all who made this a great day of paintball!
 Sloppy Joe 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fort Blanding Florida in February 2011

Hello all,
It's been a while since we had an official update, but things are still moving/shaking. Coming up next are an impromptu gathering at the Titusville EPZ game in 2 days. In a week and two days we have the Red Dawn Scenario at Battlefront. And of course, October 2nd we'll be hosting our own Black Hawk Down scenario at Pentagon.
It has come to my attention through the interwebs that Blues Crews is bringing paintball back to Fort Blanding in Florida. Banding MOUT Training Site is a is a "FULL-SIZE" Town, complete with a multitude of 1-4 story buildings constructed of concrete block with doorways, windows, and stairways.  The Town features 16 different building complexes bordered by a large drainage ditch and woods. If you still don't comprehend the awesomeness of this game, then follow the following link and check out the details. If you're a fan of paintball then this is an experience you should do at least once in your lifetime.
What I'd like to do is guage some interest in who amongst the team would be interested in doing this next February. Obviously, the more people we get to go, the less the expenses will be. I have started a thread on our forum so that we can discuss who'd be interested, and the logistics of such a trip.
So go and throw in your two cents. I'll see you guys on the field soon.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Debriefing: WWIII Global Ops at Three Rivers Paintball

We attended Three Rivers Paintball for a Mission Master game called WWIII Global Ops . This was a 3 team event the Confederate States of America, Peoples Republic of China, and the Middle East Coalition. Hand of Fate joined the Middle East Coalition along with a few other teams to form what later became known as a force to be reckoned with.
The game was separated into 7 Major Missions each having secondary missions. The missions lasted roughly 30-45 minutes with 2 re spawns and a trip back to our staging area. Once we got back to the staging area we would hydrate, rest, get our next mission, discuss the mission, and be lead out to our new starting point. I must say I was a little disappointed when I first heard that we would have so many breaks instead of playing straight through till lunch BUT it went VERY smoothly. It was probably one of the easiest to follow scenarios I have played. You knew each time what was expected and were able to come up with a game plan before leaving the staging area. It also became very necessary… with the heat and humidity so high, it was a great time for each of us to re-hydrate and rest.  Definitely a plus and a very good way to run a scenario.
Having never played on this filed before it was a huge disadvantage for HoF during the first mission. We were able to secure our secondary mission to get some points but we did not get our primary mission. After that we really started to get the hang of things there and accomplished most of our primary and secondary missions all the way up till lunch time. At lunch we held a Strong point advantage. It looked like we would have this whole day in the bag.
Little did we know that the other two team had joined in an alliance against us (Excellent strategy on their part). We began to notice this new alliance on our first mission after lunch. We were not able to advance and get our points for that mission. When it was confirmed that the alliance had happened, we felt it an honor that the odds turned to roughly 80 against 30. Mission Masters, who were running the event, were not happy with the alliance and made that known to the teams. Whether that helped us or not it really didn't matter. We played our hearts out. It was a great game down to the final battles. HoF spent a lot of time pushing and protecting the flanks coming in behind the enemy whenever possible. Teasing the opposition by blowing kisses, taunting and an occasional boogie… all in good fun. Something we learned at Sherwood during the Search for the Grail game… you can dance and play paintball at the same time (some better than others… Kryo we missed you this time).
Finally we did lose. We at lunch time we had 44 points and each of the other teams had 16 points. The final score was Confederate States of America WON with 75 points, our team Middle east Coalition was second with 66 points, and Third place went to the Peoples Republic of China (I don't remember what their final score was).  We would definitely recommend this or another Mission Masters game be put on our calendar for next year.
Great job everyone who made the event a success and thanks for being so inviting for us as well.
Sloppy Joe Foltz
For more details on the game, upcoming pictures, and war stories, visit

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did you copy the Hoffenblogger on that one?

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Joseph Foltz <> wrote:

Here is a listing of the games and events that Hand of Fate have been involved with as "mandatory attendance events" from July of 2009 to present. We have attended other events as individuals or as a team but they did not count toward "team attendance" and are not listed.


Just to let you know I have posted a picture of our EZ-up with the new HoF banner from our last game 8-21 on my Facebook page and it looks very nice. I will see about getting it posted on the HoF FB page and possibly our Team site. Thanks to all who helped by making donations toward the banner. We really appreciate it.


7/25-26/09      Hell Survivor Monster Game, Red Team, <Lost>

8/22/09           Battlefront Ia Drang, US Team, <Win>

9/12/09           Pentagon EPZ

10/9/09           Sloppy Joe's house Team Meeting

11/21/09         Synergy Kaylee Event, <Lost>

12-5-09            Battlefront Toys For Tots

2/6/2010         Pentagon Team Meeting

3/20/10           Battlefront Kelly's Heroes, German Team, <Win> 

4/17/10           Pentagon Team Practice 4/17/10

5/1-2/10          Sherwood Forest Search for Grail, English Knights, <Win>

6/19/10           D-Day game 5-30, <Win>      OR      Team Practice /BBQ

7/24/10           Pentagon EPZ Game (Practice run of Black Hawk Game), US, <Lost>

8/21/10           Three Rivers Mission Masters WWIII (3 team game), Middle East Coalition/Brown, <Lost>


Next Game

9/18/10           Battlefront Red Dawn…

10/2/10           Pentagon HoF Production of Black Hawk Down (Reffing and running the game)

11/?/10           …Team Practice/Team "MEATING"…

12/?/10           Battlefront Toys For Tots Game,…



Joe Foltz


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

October 2nd Event at Pentagon Paintball

To all...
I know it's a little less than two months away, but we are excited about this, and you'll be hearing about it a lot till the time comes.
Hand of Fate is producing our own scenario game at our beloved home field Pentagon Paintball. To my knowledge, this will be the first event of its kind at the fields current location. We've been gearing up for this for two years now with the Scenario Sundays and the EPZ games. The latest EPZ game was a test run of the game rules, and we think we'll have a quality game for you to play.
In order to publicise the event we have forum topics started at the following forums:
And if Facebook is your game, we have an event invitation going on there. So wherever you like to troll on the interwebs, do us a favor and throw in your two cents.
Check out the game details below.
See you on the field!
Oct 2nd Hand of Fate presents Black Hawk Down at Pentagon Paintball

This event starts as a simple extraction of civilians from the consulate. It quickly turns into anything but "simple". Using Black Hawk Helicopters for perimeter defense and recon during the extraction, one of the Black hawks is shot down… trapping Pilots, who are now taking heavy fire. Satellite communications are delayed making for inaccurate Intel… heavily armed Rebel forces among innocent civilians makes this into a much longer and more intense battle than initially expected. A captured pilot trying to be rescued and possible second Black Hawk being shot down are some of the other things to plan for... There are strategic objectives which could give each side advantages, so planning and communication are going to be key factors to the success and overall win for one side or the other.

Event Pricing:
Three package Prices for Pre-Registration…
Pre-Registration starts Sep 1st and Ends Sep 29th

#1 EL Cheapo - 1000 Rounds Spectrum, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $40.00
#2 Formula 13 - 2000 Rounds Formula 13, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $75.00
#3 Evil- 2000 Rounds Evil, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $100.00
…add $10 to each package the day of event if not Pre-Registered.
You may also purchase items separately at current store pricing (see store for details Pentagon Paintball Discount Pro Shop and Fields).
This is a Field Paint only event.

To Pre-Register please call Pentagon Paintball at 814-474-5580 or stop by the store.

Oct 2
Gates open at 8am
Game Starts at 10am sharp (Please be on time)

Check out the Hand of Fate website for more team and game info.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HoF Update

Greetings all, it's been a while.
First and foremost:
I've been getting calls asking "Whens the next game, Meaty?" A quick glance at the teams website will tell you that the next game is at our home field Pentagon Paintball, where we'll be hosting the EPZ federation to come out and play.
Pentagon Paintball
10am - 2pm
$35 for entry, air, and half case
$60 for entry, air and full case
This is an important game for the team as we will be doing a trial run of a Black Hawk Down type scenario, which the team will produce. As you can see, the prices for this are sweet, and Sean is waiving the $15 ins fee for this event. So if you haven't been up to check out the field yet, this would be the perfect chance. The EPZ crew is a stand up group of guys to play with. They are honorable, and have a mature sportsmanship values. We've all played the games where the high number of less honorable players ruin the fun for all, but you won't see that happen at this game.
We have some date changes on our calendar. We are planning on playing the following as a team:
Saturday August 21st - Three Rivers Paintball
Saturday Sept 18th - Battlefront Paintball
Saturday Oct 2nd - Pentagon Paintball (produced by HoF)
These are games where team attendance will get counted. The Oct. game will be one where the team will produce (Referee) the game. As always, there are also many EPZ games listed on the calendar. If any of you are interested in attending one of these, let me (or Sloppy) know so that we can coordinate a decent showing.
If you haven't noticed, we've added two more sponsors to our team. We'd like to thank Gateway Farm Freezer Meats for thier support, along with Babyface BBQ. As you know Dan "Gimly" Girt is a founding team member, who has gone on to start up a business after his passion: Smoked meat cooked to perfection (and sometimes shot out of a Havoc launcher). Dan does most of the cooking at our events, and is opening up his own BBQ stand this Saturday in Meadville.
In Addition:
"Sloppy" Joe Foltz will be participating in a Relay for life this Saturday, and is looking for any team members that are willing to participate by walking and wearing the team shirt. If anyone is interested, please contact Joe directly. The Relay for Life, and some other charitable causes is something that we are going to be looking into participating as a team. If you have any ideas or preferences, offer 'em up!
Check the teams Website, Forum, Twitter, and Facebook pages for updates. You can check Myspace too, but Myspace is mostly pedo's and skanks these days =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Last chance

Do these shoes belon to anyone you know? Been in my trunk since
Sherwood game I think.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fwd: Invitation to view a photo from hofpaintball's Picasa Web Album - First Annual HOF-B-Q

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You are invited to view a photo from hofpaintball's photo album: First Annual HOF-B-Q
Message from hofpaintball:
Hello all - this is Gina, Rick's wife. We had a blast at the First Annual HOF-B-Q! I like to thank our awesome hosts John and Christy for having us all together. I am personally grateful to meet all the wives/girlfriends, one day we all need to team up and take on the men in a paintball game of our own! Unfortunately I don't have enough space in this message to individually thank everyone for their contribution, but I must say you all display team work on and off the field. Hope to see more of you next year
To share your photos or receive notification when your friends share photos, get your own free Picasa Web Albums account.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Synergy D-Day 2010: Impressions from the Axis General

This is my third year playing Synergy's own D-Day game, the second year as Axis General. This year's event may not have gone as smoothly as previous years have, but I can't really complain. Synergy has consistently offered fair prices, a great field to play on, and friendly staff for all their events. Yet again Synergy has provided us with the opportunity for which to not only play our favorite sport, but to honor those who fought and died for the freedom of our country. Thus, recreating possibly one of the most infamous battles that our country had been involved is our way of paying respect to the soldiers who died that day. To put yourself in the shoes of those men and experience a small fraction of the fear and uncertainty they dealt with on that day is a fitting way to remember them. For this I am grateful.

The day began for me at 5am Monday morning. I didn't have the best planned logistics for getting 5 guys with all their gear crammed into a midsized sedan for a 2 hour trip. But I have to say we did get there, just not on time, and for this I apologize. Once we arrived to the field I surmised that I wasn't the only general of an army showing up late, and for this I will thank Tangus999 (the Allied general) for taking some of the blame for the lateness of the game.

After the morning briefing, we took the field and prepared for the game to start. I stopped to encourage my guys stationed at the forward position and headed back to the German headquarters. By the time I got there, the siren blew and the game was on. The eruption of hundreds of paintball markers firing was loud and heavy, even at my position at the back of the field. One of these years I'll actually get to witness it, but it sounded impressive!

For Synergy's version of this scenario, heavy emphasis has been placed on a point value for capture of the generals. For this reason, I made every effort to stay in play. With the exception of some time spent in the German HQ respawn area to take my mask off and recoup, I spent a lot of time in play fielding questions, giving orders, and waiting for missions to be handed down. For the most part I was either defending our headquarters (which sadly didn't see much action) or at Fort Synergy witnessing Kry0 launch rockets at the Allies with a joyous glee borderline on insanity. After our first mission was handed down, to locate and recover ammo crates, I designated a couple teams to go on a search mission and head to the fort to get some action.

I'd have to say that this next part was probably the most exciting part of the game for me. When I got to Fort Synergy there were probably 40 of us inside and about the perimeter. At approximately noon, about an hour before lunch break, the Allied were able to take ground and make their way back to the fort. We were taking fire from all angles. In a testament to the fort's design, there weren't a whole lot of positions one could take up and not have at least one firing lane to guard from. In the course of the hour we took a heavy beating, and the dead players were rerouted from the respawn inside the fort to the one further back at headquarters because there were so many of us eliminated. We went from about 40 to less than 10 players defending the fort, with the Allied still hot and heavy about our perimeter. I had put in several calls to Total Resistance and NEOSMUT for support and was anxiously awaiting retrieval. My main concern at this point was for an extraction so that I could make my way back to base and receive the next set of mission objectives. When it looked as if we were about to lose our position to Allied, we got the call that NEOSMUT was on hand and ready for an extraction. With perfect form and execution, I was guarded from enemy fire, led through the thick underbrush towards the German HQ with no casualties in the squad. A lone Allied player wandering through the woods was eliminated rather unceremoniously for having the misfortune of being along our path and I was deposited at my base within minutes of the game breaking horn.

After all the dust settled, it turned out that the Axis Army had bested the Allies in this, an alternate universe version of the events at Normandy. But there's always next year…

I want to thank NEOSMUT, Total Resistance, the Pentagon Crew, Funnyman and his crew for all coming out and providing excellent support for the Axis army. I'd also like to thank Cleveland Hybrid, Odyssey for putting up a fight. Lastly I'd like  to thank Tangus999 and the Devils Lot for stepping up and leading the Allied Army. After all, you can't have a game without an opponent.  Hand of Fate salutes you all!

There are so many other highlights to the game, and players that really brought the scenario to life that it'd be a shame to try to list them all and miss a few. If you're interested in finding out more, please register for and visit the forums to read the highlights. If you participated in the game then help us relive the day with your own version of what happened.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update from the Fate!

Greetings all. Another event has passed on our 2010 calendar, and we're gearing up for the next. Here's the latest from the HoF!
1. Synergy D-Day Event
Yes, we won =)
But not without plenty of help from the other teams. A special thanks to NEOSMUT, Total Resistance, and the Pentagon crew for being at my beck and call when it came time to handle bidness. I hope you all took an opportunity to thank an Allied player, for without opponents, there would not be a game!
For not being on the team calendar, we had a great turnout to this event. I'm pleased to say that we were able to field 8 team members, which is an excellent number considering a handfull of us had just dropped a considerable chunk of change to play the Sherwood game a little less than a month prior.
We have no photos of the event from team members, so if you happen to know where any are located, please pass 'em along!
I will be posting a full impression of the days event on our blog and forum soon.
2. New Member
I would like to welcome Joe "Death Dealer" Laster as our newest team member. He played his first event with us this past Monday, and proved to be a great addition. Joe is a recent transplant from North Carolina, to the Masury area. He's no stranger to paintball and fits in rather nicely with our rascally group of rapscallions. Another big plus is that he came into the team already rockin the marpat, and the teams unofficial marker, the Phenom. Next time you see him, give him a high five.
We have a few other new prospects. If you are considering joining the team, or know someone who is, let us know. Next year we will be enstating a more formal member enlistment process so now is the time to get in good.
3. Team Social
We are having our first official team BBQ on June 19th. Thats in two weeks. The event is open to team members and families and/or significant others, along with a couple of other special invites. I have sent out an invitation via email, and will do so again. If you are coming, please respond so that we can get an accurate count of who will be there. This will be a pot luck style dinner, with our very own Gimly Girt doin' the BBQin'. Food, drink, games, and mebbe a little back yard ball will rule the day. If you have any questions, contact myself or Beefy.
4. EPZ Games
I've added the EPZ games to our team calendar, which is found on our website. As you know, the EPZ crew is a network of woodsballers that play on private properties from Jamestown NY all the way to Grove city and further. These games are well run, well attended, and very affordable as there are no field fees and paint requirements (no walmart paint please!). If you are interested in playing a specific game, let me know and we can organize a showing.
See you on the field!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Name for Paintball George!

To all...
One of our guys has had a change of heart and is calling on the team to help him pick a new callsign. If you know Paintball George, then you know he's a stand up guy, and an absolute pleasure to play ball with. You'd also know that he means bidness when it comes to completing objectives and making sure his team can depend on him. George wants a name that will strike terror into the heart of the opfor.
If you get a chance, please go to our forum and vote on a name, or suggest a new one. We'd like to stick with the HoF tradition and make it meat related if possible.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sherwood Forest Aftermath

To all...
Sherwood Forest:
It is Wednesday and we are all still recovering from our victory at Sherwood Forest. I personally am still finding it hard to walk! But that's what happens when you get old, eh?
Hand of Fate sided with the Silly English Knnniggits, led by Boomer of the Illinois Dog Soldiers. We fought along side Blues Crew, Delta Ops, In Contempt, Akicita, and Steel Reserve among others. We were pitted against the PBNation ModSquad, Hellions, Damage Inc, Fubar, and the home team ESP. These are just a hand full of the teams that were represented at this event. The turnout for the event was 300+ players. The final score was 1100ish to 1300ish, obviously it was a very close game. In addition to being on the winning side, Hand of Fate was recognized by our commander with the Sportsmanship Award for our efforts. This being our first award as a team, we are hoping to bring home many more.
It'd be hard to make mention of all the great moments at the game, and fruitless considering most of you will have stopped reading by now (=P), but it's worth mentioning that this was quite possibly the best event we've ever attended. Between the quality of referees and the caliber of players on the field, there wasn't a moment of ill will noticed bay any of the guys on the team. The weather held out perfectly, it only rained when we were off the field. All in all, it was a perfect event, and we can't wait to go back to the field again.
Synergy D-Day:
Being held on Memorial day, this one is closing in on us fast. If you haven't been to a Synergy game yet, you're missing out. It is quickly becoming the flagship event for the Cleveland paintball scene. This is quite possibly the best event for new players to come to. Along with the camaraderie and the close knit family of 'ballers, it'd be really hard not to have a good time. The cost of this game is rather paltry considering other events in the area; $65 buys you entry, air, and a case of paint at the field. If you are bringing your own paint (which is virtually unheard of at a commercial field), then the cost is $45. For those of you that are coming via Pentagon Paintball, Sean is registering through the store at $35 per head. So if you're planning on bringing your own paint to this event, this is a great way to save $10. In addition to this, he'll be selling cases at $35 the morning of, for this event only. 
See me if you have any other questions.
Team Banner:
We've had a few team mates pitch in already, and Buddha's Body Art is contributing as well. We still only have about 1/2 the cost required to order the banner. If you are a team member and are interested in contributing, please see me on Sunday up at Pentagon, or you can do so via Paypal. We'd like to have the banner done for the D-Day game, so there's only a few weeks left.
See you on the field...

Monday, April 12, 2010

19 Days till Sherwood Forest!

Gents... and Jordan.
MAY 1st & 2nd
If you were to happen to head over to our website today ( you would probably notice right away that there are only 19 days left till the Quest for the Holy Grail game at Sherwood Forest. It seemed so far away when we picked this event last October, and now it's breathing hot and heavy down our dewy necks, perspiring with anticipation. If you have yet to pre-register for this game, please do so, for it will ensure that we will all end up on the same side. Plus, it's cheaper that way. CASH ONLY on the day of the event, so please keep that in mind.
We are planning rides now for the game. We will have one group leaving from the Greenville area Friday afternoon. Contact me or Joe if you want to ride out with the first group. We have another group leaving Friday Night from the Erie area. Contact Mike Groh if you are in the Erie area and need a ride.
Yours Truly will yet again be leading the Germans to victory this year at Synergy's D-Day event on Memorial Day. This isn't a mandatory team event, but we've gone for the last two years (since it's inception) and have always had a blast. This game is picking up in popularity and will probably have a great turnout. This event is a BYOP game, and the entrance fee with air is under $30 (I think) so you can't beat the price.
In addition, I am still looking for two more people to fill the spot for my command staff. The command staff will have a specific role in the game. I have a couple in mind, but if you are interested, shoot me an email.
We are still looking for TEAM MEMBERS who are interested in contributing to having a full color team banner printed. If you are willing/able, please contact me.
That is all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Team Banner

We have been shopping around for a professional looking team banner. After reading on forums, and questioning other teams that have banners, we believe we have found an affordable outlet to acquire a banner for the team. It looks like we can get 4'x10' full color vinyl banner printed for around $80 to $100 depending on the supplier and quality of the print. We are open to suggestions on how to raise money to pay for such a beast. Naturally though, if the team could pitch in we could have this printed and ready to fly for our next major game at Sherwood Forest this May.
Check out the attached picture. Imagine that but really, really big.
If you are able/willing to contribute, send me an email, or do so using PayPal and this email address. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Team Practice, Saturday April 17th

We're scheduling a team practice on Saturday, April 17th at Pentgon Paintball. We will start at 10am and will run till about 2 or so. This will count towards your attendance (yes we pay attention to the little things). We will run a few drills, and most likely focus on radio communication. Depending on turnout, we'll also run a few games.
If you need a ride, have suggestions, etc, etc, etc, please let us know and we will do what we can to help you out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kelly's Heroes Aftermath

We would like to thank all who attended with Hand of Fate this year for the Kelley's Heroes event at Battlefront. With your help and support we were able to bring the first victory for the German team. It was a long and tough battle. The second half of the game was not looking too good for us, but we were able to pull out a victory. If you have heard, there was some second guessing and tempers at times. That is something that tends to happen from time to time. In the end we all have our own opinion and that is fine. I believe we all had a good time. Again we want to thank each of you for showing sportsmanship and contributing to the "team"-work. Without the help that each of you provided history may have repeated itself and we would have saw defeat. I hope each of you enjoy the spoils that came from a hard day of paintball… YOU EARNED IT! ! !
The next big game coming up would be Sherwood Forest's Quest for the Holy Grail. This is a 26 hour event with night time play. We will be leaving Friday afternoon (April 30th), and returning Sunday evening. Plans are already formulating on our forum, so if you haven't already, please go sign up on the forums and join the discussion.
Also, if you haven't heard, our website is now live. There will be changes and additions made in the upcomming weeks, but all the basic information is there.
Lastly, we are looking to schedule a team practice in April. This will happen at Pentagon, on a Saturday or Sunday depending on when the most team members will be available. Non team members are welcome to attend. If you have a preference for when this should happen, email us and we'll consider it for scheduling.
Sloppy Joe

P.S. A special thanks to Dan for the warm lunch… love the meat!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sloppy Joe's Primary Gear


Reminder for Kelly's Heroes Event

If anyone is looking for a ride to get to the event this Saturday, here is who you can contact...
  • Joe Folts - Leaving from Greenville
  • Rick Girt - Leaving from Meadville
  • Mike Groh - Leaving from Erie
If there is anyone else interested in offering rides to the event, feel free to "Reply All" to this email.
If you are driving yourself, and are unsure of how to get there, check the Google Maps link below.
Lastly... if you havent heard, Gimly will be smoking up a mess of BBQ pulled Pork. If you want to eat it, bring a $5 donation to help cover the costs.
That is all...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HoF Update, from your fearless leader.

It's been a while since I've sent something out. Being that I'm starting to beat some nasty illness, and am in the process of catching up with things, I figured I'd send out an email to you all to keep you abreast (teehee!) of recent information re guarding the HoF.
1. Kelley's Heroes
This game at Battlefront is coming up fast. So far it looks like we have 12 guys from the HoF attending this one. We are playing the German side this year, and hoping to break the 3 year winning streak the Americans have. This will be tough since the Arc Troopers are playing American, and they have home field advantage. I think we're up for the challenge though. If you are playing and haven't pre-registered yet, take a min. to do so now at the following link.
2. Pentagon Sponsorship
Pentagon Paintball has been our home Field for almost 3 years now. At the last team meating we discussed in detail a specific discount program that Sean has graciously decided to extend to our team. Ten of our players have been picked by the HoF team Captains to be the recipient of a PP discount card. The list will be evaluated twice a year to make sure that the team members that put forth the most effort are being rewarded. Once the list is OK'd by Sean, notification will be sent out to those involved.
3. New Members
We have a few new members that will be playing with us at the upcoming BF game. I would like to extend a welcome to Brett "Red Leg" Skinner and John "Beefy" Prosek. It looks like these guys will be a good fit for the team, and we're looking forward to their involvement in future Hand of Fate shenanigans. In addition, we have a few "ole school" members coming back into the fold. Killer, Pacaso, and PaintballGeorge: welcome back.
4. CPF Donation Drive
We have been using the forums as our team forum since the teams inception. This has been a valuable tool for us to keep in touch, and discuss team matters as it is hard for us to all get together at once. This website costs the owners money to upkeep every year. So in an effort to help with costs, they are raffling off two tickets for the Hell Survivors Day of the Rangers game for every $5 donation you send their way. For more information, check the link:
In addition, with a $10 donation, you get a pass to play at Synergy Paintball, good till the end of 2010. This is a great opportunity to help out the community and get your game on.
Lastly, please take some time to check out our forums and team calendar. These are the best ways we have to keep in touch in between face pwning sessions. We are constantly updating, and talking shop. Don't get left out.