Tuesday, August 10, 2010

October 2nd Event at Pentagon Paintball

To all...
I know it's a little less than two months away, but we are excited about this, and you'll be hearing about it a lot till the time comes.
Hand of Fate is producing our own scenario game at our beloved home field Pentagon Paintball. To my knowledge, this will be the first event of its kind at the fields current location. We've been gearing up for this for two years now with the Scenario Sundays and the EPZ games. The latest EPZ game was a test run of the game rules, and we think we'll have a quality game for you to play.
In order to publicise the event we have forum topics started at the following forums:
And if Facebook is your game, we have an event invitation going on there. So wherever you like to troll on the interwebs, do us a favor and throw in your two cents.
Check out the game details below.
See you on the field!
Oct 2nd Hand of Fate presents Black Hawk Down at Pentagon Paintball

This event starts as a simple extraction of civilians from the consulate. It quickly turns into anything but "simple". Using Black Hawk Helicopters for perimeter defense and recon during the extraction, one of the Black hawks is shot down… trapping Pilots, who are now taking heavy fire. Satellite communications are delayed making for inaccurate Intel… heavily armed Rebel forces among innocent civilians makes this into a much longer and more intense battle than initially expected. A captured pilot trying to be rescued and possible second Black Hawk being shot down are some of the other things to plan for... There are strategic objectives which could give each side advantages, so planning and communication are going to be key factors to the success and overall win for one side or the other.

Event Pricing:
Three package Prices for Pre-Registration…
Pre-Registration starts Sep 1st and Ends Sep 29th

#1 EL Cheapo - 1000 Rounds Spectrum, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $40.00
#2 Formula 13 - 2000 Rounds Formula 13, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $75.00
#3 Evil- 2000 Rounds Evil, all day Refills on one tank, and event fees. $100.00
…add $10 to each package the day of event if not Pre-Registered.
You may also purchase items separately at current store pricing (see store for details Pentagon Paintball Discount Pro Shop and Fields).
This is a Field Paint only event.

To Pre-Register please call Pentagon Paintball at 814-474-5580 or stop by the store.

Oct 2
Gates open at 8am
Game Starts at 10am sharp (Please be on time)

Check out the Hand of Fate website www.HoFPaintball.com for more team and game info.

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