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Re: HoF Event Update


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Nope… I forgot the address…


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did you copy the Hoffenblogger on that one?

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Here is a listing of the games and events that Hand of Fate have been involved with as "mandatory attendance events" from July of 2009 to present. We have attended other events as individuals or as a team but they did not count toward "team attendance" and are not listed.


Just to let you know I have posted a picture of our EZ-up with the new HoF banner from our last game 8-21 on my Facebook page and it looks very nice. I will see about getting it posted on the HoF FB page and possibly our Team site. Thanks to all who helped by making donations toward the banner. We really appreciate it.


7/25-26/09      Hell Survivor Monster Game, Red Team, <Lost>

8/22/09           Battlefront Ia Drang, US Team, <Win>

9/12/09           Pentagon EPZ

10/9/09           Sloppy Joe's house Team Meeting

11/21/09         Synergy Kaylee Event, <Lost>

12-5-09            Battlefront Toys For Tots

2/6/2010         Pentagon Team Meeting

3/20/10           Battlefront Kelly's Heroes, German Team, <Win> 

4/17/10           Pentagon Team Practice 4/17/10

5/1-2/10          Sherwood Forest Search for Grail, English Knights, <Win>

6/19/10           D-Day game 5-30, <Win>      OR      Team Practice /BBQ

7/24/10           Pentagon EPZ Game (Practice run of Black Hawk Game), US, <Lost>

8/21/10           Three Rivers Mission Masters WWIII (3 team game), Middle East Coalition/Brown, <Lost>


Next Game

9/18/10           Battlefront Red Dawn…

10/2/10           Pentagon HoF Production of Black Hawk Down (Reffing and running the game)

11/?/10           …Team Practice/Team "MEATING"…

12/?/10           Battlefront Toys For Tots Game,…



Joe Foltz


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