Monday, August 23, 2010

Debriefing: WWIII Global Ops at Three Rivers Paintball

We attended Three Rivers Paintball for a Mission Master game called WWIII Global Ops . This was a 3 team event the Confederate States of America, Peoples Republic of China, and the Middle East Coalition. Hand of Fate joined the Middle East Coalition along with a few other teams to form what later became known as a force to be reckoned with.
The game was separated into 7 Major Missions each having secondary missions. The missions lasted roughly 30-45 minutes with 2 re spawns and a trip back to our staging area. Once we got back to the staging area we would hydrate, rest, get our next mission, discuss the mission, and be lead out to our new starting point. I must say I was a little disappointed when I first heard that we would have so many breaks instead of playing straight through till lunch BUT it went VERY smoothly. It was probably one of the easiest to follow scenarios I have played. You knew each time what was expected and were able to come up with a game plan before leaving the staging area. It also became very necessary… with the heat and humidity so high, it was a great time for each of us to re-hydrate and rest.  Definitely a plus and a very good way to run a scenario.
Having never played on this filed before it was a huge disadvantage for HoF during the first mission. We were able to secure our secondary mission to get some points but we did not get our primary mission. After that we really started to get the hang of things there and accomplished most of our primary and secondary missions all the way up till lunch time. At lunch we held a Strong point advantage. It looked like we would have this whole day in the bag.
Little did we know that the other two team had joined in an alliance against us (Excellent strategy on their part). We began to notice this new alliance on our first mission after lunch. We were not able to advance and get our points for that mission. When it was confirmed that the alliance had happened, we felt it an honor that the odds turned to roughly 80 against 30. Mission Masters, who were running the event, were not happy with the alliance and made that known to the teams. Whether that helped us or not it really didn't matter. We played our hearts out. It was a great game down to the final battles. HoF spent a lot of time pushing and protecting the flanks coming in behind the enemy whenever possible. Teasing the opposition by blowing kisses, taunting and an occasional boogie… all in good fun. Something we learned at Sherwood during the Search for the Grail game… you can dance and play paintball at the same time (some better than others… Kryo we missed you this time).
Finally we did lose. We at lunch time we had 44 points and each of the other teams had 16 points. The final score was Confederate States of America WON with 75 points, our team Middle east Coalition was second with 66 points, and Third place went to the Peoples Republic of China (I don't remember what their final score was).  We would definitely recommend this or another Mission Masters game be put on our calendar for next year.
Great job everyone who made the event a success and thanks for being so inviting for us as well.
Sloppy Joe Foltz
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