Monday, September 12, 2011

Hand of Fate's Next Event

Our original event for October was to attend EMR's Toys for Tots event. After seeing the lack of attendance/funds that most of us seem to be having lately… I spoke with our captain "Meatcircus" Rick Girt on this and we believe that it would probably be in the best interest of the team and its attendance to make a change to the October event. We feel that we should attend Pentagon for its Free Play Sunday and scenario run by Elmer. Unfortunately I am not sure which weekend the scenario is in October so… if anyone knows the events date please respond to all on this email.


I would like to thank all the guys that showed up for the Black hawk Down Scenario this last weekend. It seemed to really be a hit again this year. I was excited to see the attendance doubled from last year's attendance. I am also ecstatic that all of the feedback from the people I spoke with has been positive. I was having second thoughts about having all of our team playing, instead of having some of you reff but, I must say that the honesty and sportsmanship of all players was exceptional. I really appreciate all of your help with that. People will tend to follow examples and you all did a great job of setting a good example on the field!


I would also like to welcome Keith and John to the fold. It was great to see the you guys there. We need to get another shirt order entered very soon since the Pro shop is out of team shirts. We will be sure to let you know when they are back in stock. I will be sending an email to both of you to get some more info for our teams stats. In the mean time you can be thinking of a "call name" if you have one already great, if not we have been trying to keep with a "meat" theme on our team. Here are a few of the ones who are currently on the team or have been on the team in the past. MeatCircus, Sloppy Joe, Drumstick, Beefy, Butcher, Haggis ,Killer, Kryo, Longshanks, Pumpy, Death Dealer, Hanshaw, Red Leg, Zodiac, DO2K03, Elmer, Foot Long, Gimly, miSteak, PredxSniper, Whopper. Feel free to contact me or Rick with any questions or if you want feel the need to talk paintball (or other stuff I guess LOL).




"Sloppy" Joe Foltz


Hand of Fate Scenario Paintball Team