Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Valken Paintball Proud to Sponsor Hand of Fate

Valken Paintball Proud to Sponsor Hand of Fate

March 1, 2011

Hand of Fate has accepted a partnership with Valken Products. Since its inception, the team has placed emphasis on a functional, durable and visually appealing uniform its members would be proud to wear on the field.

Team co-founder and co-captain Rick Meatcircus Girt said, "After testing and reviewing product from several other companies, it was apparent that Valken was the most obvious choice to fill the needs of the team. What made Valken most appealing was the array of soft goods offered in our preferred MARPAT camouflage style. With team members who vary so much in size and shape as they do personality and function within the team, it was important that we were able to find items that fit each of our playing styles and still maintain a uniform look".

This year HOF will be heading to new venues, playing new games and continuing to expanding their influence throughout the region. You can find the team this year playing at Three Rivers Paintball, Battlefront, EMR, the WestPoint Spring Classic. But the team can be found most often at Pentagon Paintball in Fairview, PA.

Valken Paintball is proud to sponsor a group of hard chargers like Hand of Fate. Rick Girt and his team are sure to put their V-Tac gear through it's paces in all manner of weather; rain, snow, mud, cold. And it was that "anytime, anywhere" mentality that we had in mind when we designed our products.

Hand of Fate was established as a team in early 2007, and has been growing ever since. The team's passion is playing and growing the sport of paintball, and enjoying the camaraderie of friends and "foes" along the way. For more information on the team, visit

Hand of Fate represents the Tri-State Brigade of the Valken Corps. For more information on Valken Paintball's sponsorship program, email or call 866 978 2553.